Frequently Asked Questions


1. In which situations can online consultation be done?

A. Corona pandemic has made us well verse with online consultation and has shown it’s positive side but of course it has its own limitations. So online consultation can easily be done in following situations.

1. Any illness where child is not very sick.

2. Dietary consultation

3. Any development or growth concerns.

Wherever doctor feels online consultation is not sufficient, doctor will advise in person consultation.

2. How does the online consultation work?

A. Step 1- online video consultation will be done through Google Duo app.

Step 2- consultation fees to be paid by online payment method.

Step 3- scanned prescription will be mailed to the patients.

3. Is it safe to visit clinic in present pandemic situation?

Yes absolutely. For any health concern proper consultation at appropriate time is very essential.
All safety and hygienic precautions are taken at clinic.
Crowding is avoided by staggering the appointments.
So visit to the clinic should be done whenever necessary without delay.

4. Can I postpone routine vaccination visits in current pandemic situation?

No. Routine vaccination should be done on time as scheduled. As no one knows how long the pandemic situation will persist, no point in deferring routine vaccination.

5. Is it okay if I am a little late for my appointment?

It is preferred that you will be as punctual as possible. The appointments are staggered so as to avoid crowding in clinic. Few minutes delay is considered, but if you think you will be getting too late it is a good thing if you reschedule your appointment.

6. What are the modes of payment at clinic?

Cash or online payment method.

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