• Vaccination


    Vaccination/Immunisation helps your kid to develop immunity against particular diseases. Vaccination facilities for 0 - 18yrs available here.

  • Growth Monitoring

    Growth Monitoring

    Growth monitoring at regular intervals helps in early detection of any deviation from normal.

  • Well Baby Clinic

    Well Baby Clinic

    Most of these evaluation coincide with routine vaccination visits. Many common concerns regarding your kid are addressed during these visits.

  • Sick Child /Common illnesses

    Sick Child /Common illnesses

    Any health concerns /illnesses that are bothering you or your kid are addressed here.

  • Diet Counselling

    Diet Counselling

    Diet plays a pivotal role not only in optimal growth of child but also in speedy recovery from illnesses. Proper diet is the key to healthy body and mind.

  • Development Assessment

    Development Assessment

    Assessment of developmental milestones is very crucial for monitoring your child's mental and physical development. It can be helpful for early detection of many treatable problems.